11 friends arrested for allegedly killing Nigerian student over debt

11 people have been arrested and detained in connection with the murder of Nigerian student, Obasanjo Adeola Owoyale, in Cyprus. 

The suspects appeared in court yesterday in Lefkosa. Turkish Cypriot police had raided an apartment building in Lefkosa, early Thursday morning, to make arrests. 

It was learned that the house was the last place Obasanjo, a student of the Cyprus International University, had gone before he was killed. 

According to preliminary findings by the police, Obasanjo was thrown down the third floor after he was killed. Black plastic gloves with stains resembling blood were found on the floor. 

It was gathered that the deceased was allegedly killed in a fight due to the issue of debt.

Havadia reports that he was severely beaten and wounded with a cutting tool and then thrown from the window of the apartment on the third floor.  

He was then put in the trunk of his own car and parked in a dirt field, one street away, where he was later found on Monday, July, 8, 2019, eight days after he was declared missing.