Willie Amadi’s leaked tape; How the matter went

Willie Amadi, a lawyer and and federal appointee in Imo State Office of the Public Complaint Commission was exposed in a leaked sex video that went viral last year.

In the leaked video, Amadi is seen in a room with two naked ladies who were making out.

The video conspicuously captured his face while the faces of the other partners in the group sex were vague, making many wonder what he intended to achieve with the video since he was the one who filmed the amorous act.

The X-rated video obviously attracted backlash as it trended for days then in early January, 2021.

In the heat of the scandal, and to the shock of many, a 20-year-old school leaver, Peter Nwoke was arrested days later for leaking the video. He got convicted for “confessing that he superimposed Amadi’s picture on a background with a sex scene,” a conviction that many have seen to be a cover up and a strategy for Amadi’s image cleansing.

A Magistrate Court, sitting at Umundugba, Isu local government area of Imo State convicted Nwoke for “defamation of character”. The Magistrate, C. P. Nnoromele found him guilty of defamation under Section 373 of Criminal Code, Cap C38 Laws of the Federation 2004 as applicable in Imo state.

The accused was sentenced to one year imprisonment, which the presiding Magistrate said, “would serve as a deterrent to other young people, who may be threading on such dastardly path”.

Actress Hilda Dolubo defends 20-year-old Peter Nwoke

After the sentencing, Veteran Nollywood actress, Hilda Dolubo started a campaign in defence of the incarcerated young man.

Dokubo accused Willie Amadi of using Peter Nwoke to cleanse his dirtied image.

In series of videos released on her social media page, Dokubo said Amadi used his power and money to facilitate the speedy transfer of the case from Owerri to Isu Magistrate court where his cousin is the magistrate.

Dokubo who is also a filmmaker, in a video posted on January 25, 2021 countered the judgment and insisted that the young man could not have committed such crime because there is no technology at the moment that one can use to superimpose a photo on a video or motion picture.

The actress who noted that she has been in the movie industry since 1992 and has moved from being an actress to being a director, wondered how much might have been given to the 20-year-old man as ”compensation” or the torture that he might have faced for him to” jeopardize his future.” and admit to have done something that is not possible.

Watch some of the videos Dokubo shared below.

It’s now over one year since the incarceration of Peter Nwoke.

Among the questions now begging for answers are: What has become of Peter Nwoke? Has he even been released from prison yet?