70 years old man rapes a 13 year old to death

Anthony Mgbenwa Okpara, a 70 year-old man has been apprehended for allegedly sexually molesting a 13-year-old deaf and dumb girl.

This occurred on Saturday, the 23rd of September in Enugu State at Aborjieze village in umuagu-Inyi Autonomous Community, Oji River Local Government Area.

According to residents of the community, Uche, the victim, died shortly after she was defiled by the suspect.

 “The girl’s body is in the mortuary as we speak and we want this matter to be determined in law of competent jurisdiction to serve as a deterrent to other perpetrators,” A source told The Sun

Having filed  a report against the suspect, he was detained at the Enugu State Police Command Headquarters.

 The residents of the community had strengthened their determination to get justice for the girl whose parents weren’t financially buoyant, and what might likely be a means the suspect would go scot free.

‘’I mean that she was sexually molested to the point that the little girl lost her life immediately after the act. The interest in this matter is that the parents of this young girl are wretched and poor and the girl a minor, deaf and dumb, at the same time, she is dead due to this act. Now, Mr Anthony Mgbenwokpara ran away immediately he got wind of the death of this girl. However, after a series of persuasions, he came and submitted himself to the police. Mr Anthony Mgbenwa Okpara and the family while in Police custody were using monetary inducements against the wretched parents. We are also suspecting that they will do the same with the Police.” This statement was anonymously made by a member of the community.