90 Kenyan schoolgirls admitted for unidentified illness, medical investigation ongoing

90 Kenyan schoolgirls from Eregi Girls High School have been admitted to hospital due to the appearance of an unidentified illness.

The unidentified illness presented some signs and symptoms such as difficulties in walking, staggerering while walking and knee pain.

A senior education ministry official paid a visit to the school to put the minds of anxious parents and guardians together.

He said classes would continue as normal for other pupils while medical investigations will be ongoing for the affected girls.

“The education department, the county government and public health department are giving a commitment that the children will be treated,” said Jared Obiero, the regional director of education.

Blood, urine and stool samples from the girls were sent to laboratories in Kisumu, a neighbouring city, and the capital, Nairobi.

Conclusive results to determine the cause of the illness will be made available later.