Abductors kill Ondo farmer for being cornered

A cocoa farmer named Akinola Akinnibinu, 40, has been killed by his abductors in Ondo East L.G.A. of Ondo State.

Report has it that the kidnappers murdered Akinnibinu due to delay in ransom payment, and they applied chemical to his dead body.

The corpse was found on Wednesday, February 8, four days after the kidnappers made demand for ransom from his family.

It was gathered that Akinola was carried hostage from his farm at Oko Oparun, after which the kidnappers demanded N700,000 as ransom.

The deceased was said to have called his wife and directed her to collect N700,000 from a POS service agent and bring it to the farm.

Sources said the kidnappers also contacted Akinola’s wife, telling her to send the money to an Opay account number.

But the wife alerted Amotekun Corps and other villagers but the kidnappers have disappeared before they reached the scene.

Akinola’s wife related the incident in this way: “My husband left the house in the morning to his farm. He later called me to collect money from the POS near our house. I asked him what he wants to use the money for, he said I should bring it that he will tell me when I get to the farm.”

“Later, some men used my husband’s number to call me to send the money to an Opay account. They called again that they did not see the money and I told them that I have sent it. They asked me to come to the farm. I was scared and I alerted Amotekun and other villagers. As I was coming with people, they called and said since I have alerted people, that ‘I will see’.

“On getting to the place, I did not see them and we left, not until yesterday when villagers called that they saw dead body that was covered with bamboo leaves and there was chemical all over the body. It was my husband’s body.”

Police sources reported sending in men to the area and retrieving Akinola’s corpse, which they sent to the General Hospital mortuary in Ondo town.