Actor Uti Nwachukwu warns against feeling of entitlement, calls it “subtle form of witchcraft”

Actor Uti Nwachukwu has said that the feeling to “Entitlement is another subtle form of witchcraft.”

His opinion seems to spring from the fact that a person who feels entitled to what belongs to others and talks about it is trying to make others bend to their wishes, which he said no one deserves if ‘there is no consent or no prior agreement.’

Nwachukwu came out to the public with this opinion via his verified Twitter handle, which was posted today, 28 March.

He tackled people who always try to complain about what others have that they do not share with them. He acknowledged that this feeling often leads to undue hatred. He thus set to put it straight that no one is entitled to something that he did not earn. Uti also said that an adult should not be told how to use his money, “EVEN IF YOU PAID THEM.”

He said too that all he said serves to caution himself, “a ‘Note to self”, as he puts it.

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