Again, Zamfara Govt, Security operatives welcome ‘Repentant Bandits’ (Photos)

The Zamfara state government have received three notorious bandits, including Zakoa Buhari, the son of dreaded bandits kingpin, Tsoho Buhari, notoriously known as ‘Buharin Daji’ who repented and surrendered their weapons on Thursday, February 25.

The weapons surrendered to the government include AK-47 rifles, General Multipurpose Machine Gun (GPMG), Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG), and several ammunition.

After taking an oath with the Holy Quran in the presence of top government officials, security operatives, and traditional rulers, the bandits laid down their arms, vowing not to return to banditry anymore.

Zamfara, like other North-West states, has in the last 10 years faced devastating attacks from armed bandits. In 2019, the state government entered a peace agreement with the gunmen, an agreement that has not decreased the level of insecurity in the state.

Even as Nigerians continue to criticize the government for negotiating with criminals that have killed, kidnapped and robbed people, the hand of friendship with bandits is still being extended to them to the disappointment of victims who keep crying out for justice.

See photos below.