Aisha Yesufu reveals why Govt officials don’t believe there is suffering in Nigeria

Popular Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has shared her thoughts why government officials don’t believe that there is suffering in the country.

According to Mrs Yesufu, Nigerians are fond of only going to social media pages of fellow citizens to ask for money and assistance. She encouraged those seeking help to besiege the pages of government officials and make their pleas their so that the officials will start believing that there is suffering in the country.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Yesufu wrote:

“You cannot come to people’s TL to tell them you need money to feed without also going to those in charge of govt. That is why when they are told there is suffering, they don’t believe. Flood their TL, their mobile phones and their offices. Let them see what is being said is true.”

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