American Journalist testifies to rape allegations against Trump

American journalist Jean Carroll, 79, has brought US ex-president Donald Trump under fire by saying she was a victim of his forceful rape.

Carroll filed a lawsuit against the business tycoon, claiming that he actually violated her in a dressing room of a Manhattan departmental store in the mid-‘90’s.

According to reports, Donald Trump categorically denied the allegations. On the second day of a federal battery and defamation civil case the former Elle magazine columnist brought against Mr. Trump at a Manhattan federal court in New York over a rape allegation that occurred in either 1995 or 1996, Ms. Carroll made this revelation during her testimony.

When asked why she was in court on Wednesday, she said, “I am here because Donald Trump r@p£d me and when I wrote about it, he said it didn’t happen.” She continued, “He lied and ruined my reputation, and I’m here to try to get my life back.”

Upon being questioned, “How do you feel about men,” she exclaimed that she still likes them.

Ms. Carroll further described what led to the rape. She narrated:

“He came through the door and he said, ‘Hey, you are that advice lady.’” “Hey, you’re that real estate tycoon,” Ms. Carroll replied.

“I love to give advice, and here was Donald Trump asking me for advice about buying a present,” she continued. “For me, it was a fantastic possibility.”

She claimed that after Trump shut the door, they went to the lingerie section where he found a body suit and told her to wear it. She refused, and that is where the whole incident started.

“I was extremely perplexed and suddenly realised that what I thought was happening was not happening,” she said.

“I wanted to avoid creating a scene. I was almost too terrified to decide whether or not I was afraid.

“His fingers went into my v@gin@, which was extremely p@inful.” According to her, Trump later penetrated her, and she hasn’t had sex since the incident.