Angry slay queen leaks unpalatable pic of Ghanaian millionaire Ibrah for refusing to pay her $100K

The nude photo of popular Ghanaian multimillionaire businessman, Ibrahim Daouda, aka Ibrah One is now on many news platforms after an alleged furious slay queen leaked the photos to get back at him for refusing to pay her hundred thousand (100,000) dollars after sleeping with her.

Multiple reports claimed that Ibrah One has been having romantic relations with the slay queen for some time now and has accumulated debts he owes her to the tune of 100,000 US Dollars.

The lady then reportedly lashed out after he refused to pay her and subsequently threatened him that if he did not give her the money, she would release his nude photo on the internet. Well, it turned out that Ibrah One saw that as a joke and didn’t pay any attention to her. So, she went ahead and made good her threat, by releasing stark naked photo of Ibrah One online.

Ibrah One also made headlines recently after he slammed Ghanaians for welcoming BBNaija’s disqualified housemate, Tacha to their country. Now, Tacha’s Titans have surely gotten his head on a spike.

However, Ibrah One reacted that it was a ‘guy’ that blackmailed him with the photos. See his post below.