APGA Candidate, Nduka Anyanwu reacts to claims that he doesn’t have original WAEC Certificate

Nduka Anyanwu, the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) for Ahiazu Mbaise Constituency of Imo State has reacted to claims that he doesn’t have WAEC Certificate.

He issued a press statement on Wednesday, Oct 19 which reads:

“My attention has been drawn to the … campaign of calumny and sheer pettiness, emanating from narrow minded and myopic individuals, who are handy tools in the hands of the scrupulous politicians that have kept our people backward and stagnated over the years; but, thanks to God Almighty for the REDEMPTION He has brought our way.

“In all seriousness, I wouldn’t have replied them, as I am convinced that it is their usual stock in trade. My reply to the said badly written text, is borne out of my respect and sense of responsibility to the good people of Ahiazu Mbaise; majority of whom are sound minds, capable of dictating sheer pettiness and jealousy, especially ones like the aforementioned publication.

“First, the meddlesome interlopers said I forged my WAEC certificate. I laugh at this tide, because the said SSCE is always in the public domain and I charge whoever that cares to go and verify. We don’t use mirror to see a bangle on the hand (ihe agba n’aka, anaghi eji enyu ele ya). The masqueraders even highlighted their ignorance by saying that I sought admission in Nigerian universities and was denied on account of certification. For the records, I never for once contemplated going to the university while in Nigeria. My whole mind was on developing myself via business and travelling out of the country, which I eventually did in the year 2000; as I was determined to change the fortunes of my family, community, Ahiazu, Mbaise nation, Imo State and Nigeria for the better. When providence started smiling on me in far away South Africa, I decided to go to school and obtain a certificate in nursing, because of its prospects. Go and verify.

“May I also educate the shallow thinkers that seeking admission in higher institutions in South Africa with SSCE, would require verification from the institute; that is, you only submit your WAEC certificate for verification and evaluation by South African Qualifications Authority and World Education Services (SAQA). Please, kindly go to Ogwe Ngwa Ihekwe Comprehensive Secondary School and verify my name in class of 1996 SSCE. Moreso, educationists in the house would know that students do not handle transcripts, as it is an official document transmitted directly by your school to whichever institution that needs it. Chai! Ignorance didn’t let them know this.

“As a matter of fact, I’ll be meeting with my team of legal advisers on the line of action to be taken against the fraudulent group “Ahiazu Arise Initiative”. The “kabukabu” group must first provide its certificate of registration, which I know it does not have. It will also be made to answer questions bothering on campaign of calumny, false and libelous publication against myself. Stupidly for the group, it ignorantly involved INEC and APGA, who are privy to my authentic WAEC certificate. I therefore charge the well meaning people of Ahiazu Mbaise to discountenance such fallacious publication from people whose interest is to seek financial gratification from politicians. Unfortunately, desperate and selfish politicians stop at nothing in using such organizations to dislodge their opponents in order to get some relevance. Unfortunately, they’ve hit the rock this time.

“Ahiazu Mbaise must be liberated. Mbaise nation must be liberated. Imo State and Nigeria must be liberated.

“The old greedy and selfish politicians should rather embrace the political liberation or fizzle out.

“As I have always said, my debut into politics was borne out of genuine concerns for my people, not myself. I am determined to invest in human capital development and pulling the youths as well as women out of poverty.

“Hold me accountable.

“Hon. Nduka V. A. Anyanwu(APGA candidate, for Imo House of Assembly, Ahiazu Mbaise constituency)”