Atiku reacts to killing of British woman and her Nigerian partner in Kaduna

Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the February 2019 election on Monday, reacted to the killing of a British Aid Worker, Faye Mooney and her Nigerian partner, Mathew Oguche.

In his reaction he urged the Federal and Kaduna State Governments to apprehend and punish the killers of Faye Mooney and Mathew Oguche, who were killed in Kaduna State.

In a statement, he said it is imperative to keep Nigeria safe for Nigerians and foreigners.

He added that the death of any Nigerian or foreigner from terror, crime or insecurity is sad because nobody’s life is worth taking to advance a religious, political or criminal cause.

He said, “I condemn the killing of British aid worker, Faye Mooney, and her Nigerian partner, Mathew Oguche two days ago in Kaduna State.

“Several other Nigerians were kidnapped during the episode. I want the government and people of the United Kingdom to know that these atrocious actions do not reflect Nigeria’s national character.”

He added, “These killings must end or Nigeria will lose desperately needed friends, partners and investors. Not only do I condemn this recent killing, but I make an urgent call for the federal and state authorities to track down the culprits and make them pay for their crimes.

“The time for empty rhetoric is long gone. Now is the time for urgent national action to stem insecurity.”