Author Pa Ikhide shares love letter his Mum wrote his Dad during 1957 pandemic that affected Nigeria greatly

Author Ikhide Roland Ikheloa, aka Pa Ikhide, has shared a love letter between his parents to  give an insight into the 1957 pandemic that affected Nigeria greatly.

Pa Ikhide shared the letter in reaction to Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s chat with pastor Poju Oyemade where they tried to dispel the notion that 5G is linked to Coronavirus deaths.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had said that the Federal Government ordered a lockdown in Lagos and Abuja so that 5G masts could be mounted. He went on to link 5G to Coronavirus deaths.

However, during a video chat, Pastor Sam Adeyemi mentioned that there was a pandemic in 1918 and that Nigerian churches and other institutions were also shut down at the time.

Pa Ikhide, in a tweet, added that there was also a deadly pandemic that affected Nigeria greatly in 1957, and the severity of this pandemic was captured in a love letter his mother wrote to his father.

In the letter written in Lagos, Pa Ikhide’s mother said “the influenza epidemic has affected the whole of Lagos and many parts of the world.” She added that “doctors and nurses are sick and many schools are closed for the meantime.”

The letter continued: “Only few people go to the office and 100% of them are placed on sick leave.”

She added that her immediate family was affected but they were “lucky” that their case was “mild”.

“Nobody is safe is only God who will save us from such a disease.

“I am the only one who is not affected, both in our house and in the office,” she adds in the letter.

Read the letter below.

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