AY shares old photos of his wife, Mabel to counter allegation of plastic surgery

Mabel Makun, wife of Comedian AY Makun, is obviously tired of hearing people attributing her body to a product of plastic surgery, so she took to Instagram to express her displeasure while her husband shared her old photos to debunk the cosmetic surgery allegations. 

The mother of slammed those who kept on saying that said underwent surgery and insisted that she will go under the knife with pride if chooses to in the future, adding that those spreading the rumour are filled with bitterness. 

She wrote, “There is nothing that I have not heard, from she has done her body to fake body and surgery body bla bla bla. They keep singing it like a song don’t you guys get tired? You all are beginning to sound like a broken record. Seriously though, let’s stop the bitterness and appreciate God’s handwork. The truth is, if in the future i choose to go under the knife,I will do it with pride.”

Mabel also stated in another post that no surgeon in the world can claim to have “touched her body”. She added that she chose to debunk the rumour now, as it has been on for years. 

She wrote in another post;

“13:03:2020 No surgeon and i repeat No Surgeon in the world can come out to say that they have touched my body. Reason I am doing this is because this talk about my body and surgery has been on for some years now but I chose to ignore. Some years back I had to delete pictures,videos and comments so some people can leave my body alone and be at peace with themselves.

“Even God knows that I have been patient enough . Some of you should not tempt God because I am a product of his handwork,beautiful and perfectly made. I do not have anything against cosmetic surgery. I said it before and I will say it over and over again,if in the future I decide that I want to do anything to my body,I will do it with PRIDE.”

AY also stepped in to defend his wife by sharing old photos. He said that even though he respects those who choose to do plastic surgery, his wife’s body is ‘Follow Come’ from generation to generation as is noticeable in their daughter.

He wrote: “I  do understand that a lot of people are bored this period with the lockdown situation. But let’s find a way to leave the Makuns alone and concentrate on how to stay safe from the pandemic that has engulfed the nation and the rest of the world.

No disrespect to people who do Cosmetic Surgery. I believe that they do it for many reasons. Some want to look younger. Others seek to change a feature they’ve never liked. That decision should remains personal and highly respected as it becomes a boost to their self esteem.

It is also good to believe and respect that there are still people with what I call FOLLOW COME. Not everyone has made the decision to go under the knife yet, and @realmabelmakun is one of them. Friends and families who knows us together in last 15 years will attest to that simple fact. Some people are naturally blessed from generation to generation with the body. Except it is possible to believe that my daughter Michelle has gone under the knife too. STOP THE FAKE NEWS.

Anyways, we all don’t have job this period. So you guys have another 14 days lockdown to continue to go the blogs to comment negatively on what you know nothing about. It still will not make me go to my inlaws and ask for refund.

See more Mabel’s old photos he shared below.

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