Banky W schools Akah Nnani for saying COVID-19 cases increased after Chinese doctors arrived Nigeria

Singer cum politician, Banky W took to Twitter to counter Akah Nnani after the OAP tried to link the increase in the Coronavirus cases in Nigeria to the arrival of the Chinese doctors.

TV host, Akah, while reacting to the latest announcement from NCDC that 86 new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed, wrote: “Since the Chinese doctors came, the numbers started soaring!!! NCDC!!! Wake uuuppp!!!! Gademit!”

Banky W replied to Akah’s tweet, writing: “The numbers started soaring because we have drastically ramped up the number of tests we are doing every day, bro. The true numbers were always MUCH worse than what we knew. We were just under-testing and under-reporting because of a lack of testing capacity.”

Akah later updated his tweet, writing: “Look, my tweet isn’t literal.
The doctors aren’t the reason why the numbers are up. True. But the tweet above is just an expression of the distrust I have of the Chinese govt. In my mind, They are at fault for everything.”

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