BBNaija: If you’ve not seen the video, here’s how Tacha dragged the hell out of Seyi

Last week, Tacha and Seyi disappointed viewers who were expecting them to be a couple when they got caught up in altercations, heated arguments, and exchange of invective which lasted almost the entire week.

Although they eventually danced together during the Saturday Night Party, the matter seems very much unresolved because when Ebuka asked them about the quarrel, their responses showed they were still at rift.

In Seyi’s response to Ebuka, he said that he was “disappointed” that Tacha doesn’t live up to the things she says and just behaves like a ‘ganster’ but can’t do a thing.

When Ebuka asked Tacha why she didn’t want to discuss with Seyi when he wanted them to settle issues on Saturday night, Tacha said that she couldn’t talk with him because she knew that Seyi was drunk.

It didn’t end there though, Tacha went ahead to say that what she had achieved at 23, Seyi who is much older has not achieved it yet. This statement is actually why they are both trending on Twitter.

Watch the videos below.