BBNaija’s Jackye has an inspirational message for you and, it’s worth your time

As we set out to meet our daily challenges and handle the tasks before us, few things are more important than a message of inspiration, and Big Brother Naija star, Jackye got our backs today.

According to Jackye:

“Reduce your excesses, fine tune your lifestyle, relax your panicking mind by identifying what exactly is making you fear then face that fear and triumph over it. Create a goal, study, understand and know your terrain to the extent that you can describe it even when your eyes are closed, sleep on time, wake up early, plan your day, dress well, look sharp and ask/seek for reasonable direction and help(I didn’t say beg for money o), operate fast in humility with a clear willingness to achieve and succeed then allow the universe handle the rest, you’ll find out that life in itself is not difficult rather it’s interesting enough for you to enjoy your own journey of life day after day. Go and succeed! #techqueen#jackyetians#newday

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