Biden set to make citizenship easier for undocumented spouses and children of US citizens

President Joe Biden’s administration will be taking an executive action allowing certain undocumented spouses and children of US citizens to apply for lawful permanent residency without leaving the country.

The president will unveil the new rules Today 18 June, 2024, easing the process for undocumented spouses of US citizens to obtain permanent residency status, the White House said.

The new rules will not expand eligibility for permanent residency but rather streamline the process for those who already qualify including removing a requirement they leave the country as part of the application process.

Biden said the new rules would apply to those present in the country for at least 10 years and married to a US citizen before June 17, 2024, which the administration estimates to include some 500,000 people.

He also went further to say about 50,000 stepchildren of US citizens would also be eligible.

Those approved would be granted work authorization and the right to stay in the United States for up to three years while they apply for permanent residency.

If someone has permanent residency also known as a green card, that person could apply for citizenship.

“What we are announcing are potentially streamlined processes… (to) minimize the bureaucracy, minimize the hardship that having to leave the country creates,” a senior administration official told reporters ahead of the announcement.

“Only Congress can deliver… comprehensive reform of our immigration and asylum laws,” another official added.

The Biden administration will also on Tuesday set to simplify the process for children who came to the United States illegally as children — known as Dreamers — to get work visas if they’ve graduated college and have a “high-skilled job offer.”