Bobrisky Flaunts Ghana-Must-Go Bag Full of Money, gains from his Dad’s Burial Party

Bobrisky, the Nigerian crossdresser who had buried his father a few weeks ago, also decided to throw a burial party for his late dad to show off his wealth.

Bobrisky had posted a video online, and boasted of how he had called his account officer to carefully count the money in the Ghana-must-go bag, with an emphasis on the different denominations.

Bobrisky had leveraged that time to clear his adversary, a popular influencer Papaya Ex, putting her in the mould, and saying she was not his match and couldn’t do a bit of what he had done at his father’s burial party.

To further convince the people, Bobrisky thought he should empty the bag as evidence that its content was real money and not trash. His account officer went on to empty the bag, and Bobrisky was full of himself.

Bobrisky went on to drag Papaya Ex in the rest of his video, who on her side had said Bobrisky couldn’t pull a valuable and worthy crowd for his party.

He said Papaya who is making fun of him cannot pull the stunt he just did even if he wants to try, and that her mum wasn’t up to the task.