Brave Oyinbo Man Travels From Belgium to Ghana With His Bicycles, Says He Spent Months on the Road road

An Oyigbo man from Belgium sparked reactions on social media after reportedly cycling from Belgium to Ghana.

The viral video, which was spotted on TikTok, showed the cyclist riding in the rain in a town in the Western Region.

In an attempt to understand the cyclist’s motivation, a Ghanaian man questioned him about riding in such poor weather conditions. The Belgian man responded by explaining that his goal was to cycle through as many countries as possible to learn about their culture and meet new people.

The Belgian man revealed that he had embarked on his journey from Belgium in March with the goal of reaching Ghana by bicycle.

His statement:

“I decided in March, and I left for the journey with my bike and cycled to France, Spain, Morrocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, all the way to Ghana. I spent one month in Dakar resting”.

In the video, the man explained that he chose to embark on this journey to learn more about Africa, and praised the hospitality of Ghanaians. He also shared that he was continuing on to Accra.

The video, which was 5 minutes and 37 seconds long, garnered over 3,000 likes and 100 comments.

watch the video at the link below:

people’s compliment:

Viewers expressed their admiration for the cyclist’s drive and determination to complete his journey.

comments below:

Blessing’s Ahiable:

“his bike is stronger than most people relationships..noo cap.”

Benji donkoh’s comment:

“nice job,very soon I go to Europe with bear foot trust me.”

septemkhalez0’s comment:

“now south Africa is visa free so am moving to South next year with bicycle.”

Allah Wati’s comment:

“I think this one is good more down when moto and car no Petor.”

$TERLING’s comment:

“Abeg where he don reach..i wan join am make we go America.”