British MP returns to her old nursing job to help in fight against coronavirus

A British Member of Parliament, Maria Caulfield has gone back to her old nursing job as part of her effort to help the NHS in its fight against the coronavirus in UK.

The Conservative MP kept her nursing registration when she became MP for Lewes, East Sussex, in 2015, Metro UK reports.

Maria Caulfield has said ‘we desperately need people’ as she said staff will get sick or burn out as they tend to the rising number of cases.

‘The NHS will be getting unprecedented numbers of patients needing care, but also because staff are liable to get sick themselves.

‘They can only go at 110% pace for so long and will need breaks themselves.’

Ms Caulfield used to work at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London and has been granted an exception to the ministerial code to allow her to return to work.

She will be working on the front line in time for night shifts, weekends and during Parliamentary recess.

Her announcement follows a call from Health Secretary Matt Hancock for doctors and nurses who have recently left the NHS to return to help fight Covid-19.

Ms Caulfield said: ‘I am very happy to use that time to help those who are ill during this time.

‘I have got all my training for that hospital. I have still got that uniform.

‘For me it’s very easy to get back into the swing of things, others will need more help to do that.”

Ms Caulfield, who was returned to the House of Commons with a majority of 2,437 in December’s general election, said: ‘It’s important to help out if you can.

‘With schools closed it’s putting a lot of pressure on the NHS.

‘If one member of their family goes into self-isolation they all have to now, so that’s taking people out of the system.’

Mr Hancock welcomed her return to work, saying: ‘Thank you Maria for responding to the call.

‘The country needs the NHS, and the NHS needs you and other trained staff on the front line.’

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