Car crash survival marries Nurse who took care of him at the hospital

A man who almost died in a car crash has given a testimony that he married the love of his life who happened to be the nurse who took care of him while he was hospitalized for months.

Anthony T-man C-J was travelling in September 2017 when the car he was in was involved in an accident in Ife. He was badly injured in the accident and was admitted for months.

Anthony suffered a fractured femur on the left leg and a deep gash on the right. Both looked horrifying and he had to undergo surgery five times.

First, there were fears for his life. Then, it was feared that he may lose his legs. Fortunately, none of the fears materialized.

Not only did Anthony recover fully, he went on to get married to Vivian, a nurse who took care of him while he was admitted at the hospital.

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