Charly Boy reveals his fears about Tinubu’s potential tenure

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, better known as Charly Boy, has used a recent incident in Lagos to conclude that Bola Tinubu’s tenure as president will “be something else.”

The 72-year-old Nigerian songwriter and actor referred to the violent incident that took place yesterday at Ojota, Lagos, where some youths belonging to the Yoruba National Agitators ran amok towards security operatives, challenging them in a gun range.

According to Charly Boy, Tinubu couldn’t have taken a stand against the violent confrontation and condemned it.

“Some misguided youths called Yoruba National Agitators went berserk yesterday challenging security men in a gun battle at Ojota.

“Till dis very moment, I doubt if Tinubu has condemned the violence in Ojota yesterday.

“A Tinubu/Shetima tenor would be smtin else ooooo.”