Check out these new photos of former President Buhari

Bashir Ahmad, a former media aide to Muhammadu Buhari shared a new photo of the former President of Nigeria in Daura yesterday, June 4.

The photos got people talking online.

Here’s a little bit about Buhari that you may not know about

Buhari was assigned to the 1st Division under the command of Lt. Col Mohammed Shuwa.

The division had temporarily moved from Kaduna to Makurdi at the onset of the Nigerian Civil War.

The 1st division was divided into sectors and then battalions, with Shuwa assisted by sector commanders Martin Adamu and Sule Apollo, who was later replaced by Theophilus Danjuma.

His initial assignment was as Adjutant and Company Commander 2 battalion unit, Second Sector Infantry of the 1st Division.

The 2 battalion was one of the units that participated in the first actions of the war: they started from Gakem near Afikpo and moved towards Ogoja, with support from Gado Nasko’s artillery squad.

They reached and captured Ogoja within a week, to advance through the flanks to Enugu, the rebel capital.

He was briefly the 2 battalion’s Commander and led the battalion to Afikpo to link with the 3rd Marine Commando and advance towards Enugu through Nkalagu and Abakaliki. However, before the move to Enugu, he was posted to Nsukka as Brigade Major of the 3rd Infantry Brigade under Joshua Gin, who would later become battle fatigued and replaced by Isa Bukar.

He stayed with the infantry for a few months as the Nigerian army began to adjust tactics learned from early battle experiences. Instead of swift advances, the new tactics involved securing and holding on to the lines of communications and using captured towns as training grounds to train recruits brought in from the army depots in Abeokuta and Zaria.

In 1968, he was posted to the 4 Sector, also called the Awka Sector, which was charged with taking over the capture of Onitsha from Division 2.

The sector’s operations were within the Awka-Abagana-Onitsha region, which was important to Biafran forces because it was a major source of food supply. It was in the sector that Buhari’s group suffered a lot of casualties trying to protect the food supplies route of the rebels along the Oji River and Abagana.

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