Christmas question: only sincere answers needed, please

This is a question from a young Nigerian who needs kind and groundbreaking answers to enable him take the next right steps in his life. He asked the question in Nairaland. You can advise him here using the comment sections.

Read what he wrote below:

I finished my NYSC in 2016 at the age of 27yrs and since then I have been teaching in a primary school here in Ilorin with a salary of 20k hoping that one day I will see a befitting job, it’s over 2yrs now without a job. I can’t continue with this teaching again because it has been hell right from day one and I’m not getting any younger cos I’m 29yrs.

The problem right now is that the guy I have been squating with wants me to leave his house because he will be getting married soon . Within this 2yrs I have been teaching, I was able to save up to 250k because I engaged myself in some extra lesson after closing, sometines I starve myself to have savings and also because I dont pay rent.

Now I’m confused about what to do, whether I should use the money for accommodation , or use the money to start a physical business (buying and selling) or use the money to acquire ICT skills ( if there will be job after the skill acquisition) or maybe I should just go for my masters.

Pls, your humble brother really needs solid advice on how to go about this.