Church member faints as Pastor announced his gay partner was pregnant

Church members of Atlanta’s Little Rock Missionary Church of God were reportedly thrown into confusion when their pastor who had earlier shocked them by revealing that he was gay, later announced to them that his gay partner was pregnant.

Pastor William Terry did not stop at this shocking revelation. He went on to announce that he would not allow anybody, be it the devil or his church members to prevent his joy and blessing from coming true.

Making the ‘big’ announcement in Church, he went thus, “It is a blessing from God. I will not let the church or the devil stop my blessing from coming true. Mrs. Terry and I will not tolerate any haters in the church”

This announcement did not go down well with some members, as 98 members walked out of service and vowed not to return until Mrs. Terry proved he was pregnant.

At the exit of these church members, Pastor William got angry and labeled them ‘haters’. He concluded by saying he and Mrs. Terry (his gay partner) would not tolerate any haters in his church.

A member of the church didn’t take the news so well. The impact of the news was too much for Fred Johnson- a devoted and longtime member of the church to bear. He reeled and collapsed at the shock and was rushed down to the hospital for medical treatment.

Some of the members claimed when Pastor William Terry had earlier revealed to them he was gay, they did not move to a new church but rather learned to accept me. However, they claim that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So if Pastor William is unable to provide concrete proof from a gynecologist, they are going to leave Atlanta’s Little Rock Missionary Church of God for good.

When Pastor William Terry earlier announced to his congregation that he was gay, naturally, this news was met with disapproval and criticism. The church members quoted relevant aspects of the scripture in a bid to change Pastor Williams’s mind, but it was met with blatant refusal. The congregation had no choice than to accept him and continue attending church.

According to photos and information, Pastor William Terry is a former military serviceman who was married to a woman and has a grown son. He only married Mrs. Donte Terry a month ago, whom he now claims to be three months pregnant.