Comedian Sydney Talker releases Covid-19 test result to prove he wasn’t lying

Comedian Sydney Talker has released his Coronavirus test result in response to the backlash he received recently.

Sydney who is popular for his comic skits on social media had recently released a video which showed that he was trying to reach out to the NCDC to no avail, thereby questioning the effectiveness of the Disease Control Centre at a critical time in the country.

He reached out to the centre after he said he had symptoms of coronavirus and needed to get tested.

After his video went viral, many Nigerians started calling out the NCDC for being ineffective.

Upon seeing Sydney Talker’s trending video later, the NCDC reacted by saying that its officials reached out to a particular IG comedian and the said person revealed to them that it was a comedy skit, only for Sydney to falsify the claim hours later, saying he was never reached out to.

Sydney however narrated how he was showing symptoms and was moved from one hospital to the other in Lagos after being unable to get through to the NCDC.

Sydney’s narrative was accompanied by photos and videos showing him in an uneasy state with people surrounding him. The photos and videos sparked mixed reactions with some people thinking the comedian was just pulling one of his usual pranks and others calling him out for many a joke out of the serious pandemic.

To make everything clear, Sydney took to his social media pages some moments ago, to share a photo of his coronavirus test result and wondered why people would feel he was pulling a prank at the expense of his life.

The comedian wrote as he shared the result: “My Test Results just got in from Lagos State Ministry of Health and thankfully it is NEGATIVE.

“To those who felt this was a PRANK or CLOUT CHASING, I have just one question ” Why would I chase clout at the expense of my life? ”

“To everyone who prayed for me in my weakest moment and for quick recovery, I pray that on the day you are in distress may you also find help and receive prayers IJN Amen

“I love you all & I promise I will be back and better soonest,” he added.

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