Covid-19: Kenyan community forced to wear panties as face masks after being duped

Residents of Murang’a in Kenya have been forced into wearing female underwear cut out to look like a face masks after they were allegedly duped by unfaithful traders who sell face masks.

Speaking to Inooro TV, some of the residents said they had been lured into buying the masks by their low cost.

The flimsy mask costs a paltry Ksh.20 each with residents saying they only realized they were wearing panties long after they had bought the masks.

Worried and concerned that the masks may not be protecting them from the new coronavirus, the residents have asked the government to supply them with the appropriate masks.

The latest comes after the Government ordered all Kenyans to wear facemasks at all times while in public.

At the same time, the government said any supermarket found serving customers who are not in the protective masks would be closed down.

The same directive was extended to the transport sector where Kenyans are required to be in masks at all times during their journeys.

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