COZA: Police is trying to cover up, Obi Ezekwesili says on invasion of Dakolo house

The former Minister of Education and presidential candidate of ACPN, Oby Ezekwesili has queried why the police officers have to invade the residence of the Dakolos in such an intimidating manner only to deliver a ‘letter of invitation’ as the Police statement reads.

Ezekwesili in trying to connect the dots in the action of the police officers tweeted that the police didn’t go to deliver a ‘regular police invitation. She opined that the police statement was only a damage control strategy intended to cover-up their real motive of invading the house.

We reported earlier that Timi Dakolo raised an alarm over the ‘invasion’ of his house by armed men, and also shared a letter of invitation from the police. However Police Spokesman, Frank Mba countered the claim by stating that the letter served was not a warrant of arrest, but a polite investigative tool used in eliciting information voluntarily from parties to aid police investigations. 

In a reply to Mba’s statement, Obi Ezekwesili tweeted as seen below.

Just catching up on this & seeing those pictures of the Dakolo’s report of your ‘invitation’ makes this your Statement quite curious @PoliceNG . Did not seem your officers executed a “regular police invitation”. That operation appeared extremely intimidating. Why? Explain this.

In connecting-the-dots on what is publicly available, it is logical to assert that the “invitation operation” executed by your @PoliceNG officers was a flagrant abuse of state resources. How could all that display of police might be for “merely serving invitation” on the Dakolos?

As a matter of fact, your Press Statement appears to be a damage control by @PoliceNG . Your officers have overreached on a matter of serious public interest. You’re just trying to cover-up. Better be instructed that Nigerians are watching this matter. We all want the Truth.

The Dakolos should stay strong. We all want to see the Truth and Facts of the allegation and petition they filed be professionally, effectively and conclusively investigated by @PoliceNG . It is necessary that Justice be not only done but be seen to have been done on this case