“Dear young women, wealth is not male” Linda Ikeji flashes her Bentley to motivate women

Famous celebrity blogger and media mogul, Linda Ikeji is dishing out Sunday Motivation to young women to encourage them to strive for success and wealth without letting their gender get in their way. In motivating young women she displays her over 120 million Naira Bentley Musanne to show that you can really get what you desire.

Her words are indeed pertinent for both men and women. Everyone needs to work hard to attain success. However, from her experiences, she always makes young women her primary target.

She wrote:

Dear young women, Success is not male. Wealth is not male. Money is not male. There’s no limit to how successful you can be if you apply yourself. #obirinnimi#selfmade#grace#successissexy#thefutureisfemale