Dino Melaye reveals how Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello is working for a 3rd term

Senator Dino Melaye has expressed his confidence in winning the Kogi governorship election on November 11.

Senator Dino bragged that he won his senatorial seat in 2019 despite being an opposition candidate in a state that is controlled by the APC.

According to Melaye, Governor Bello is using Ahmed Ododo, the APC candidate for governor, to pursue his ambitions for a third term.

Dino Melaye, the PDP’s candidate for governor in Kogi state, has made a shocking revelation about Governor Bello’s ambitions.

Melaye claims that Governor Bello is trying to circumvent the two-term limit by supporting another candidate for governor.

Bello, in the final days of his second term, is backing his party’s candidate, Ahmed Ododo, for governor, but Melaye believes that Bello is secretly trying to stay in power through Ododo.

Here are the words of Dino in an interview with channels television Politics:

“Don’t be deceived that Yahaya Bello is not on the ballot. Ododo is physically on the ballot but Yahaya Bello is the one seeking a third term through a proxy.

“I will not want this debate to be about Yahaya Bello, rather I would like to market my political party and market what we have for Kogi State.”

Melaye’s confidence in his ability to unseat the APC in the upcoming election is based on the historical precedent of the PDP’s victory over the APC’s Abubakar Audu in the 2003 election.

Melaye also pointed to his own victory in the 2019 senatorial election, despite the fact that Bello was governor at the time.

He also stated his plans for Kogi People

Senator Melaye stated that he hopes to implement positive changes in the state to ease the pain and suffering of residents and people of Kogi State.

Melaye said that Kogi State is deeply divided, and that this division has worsened over time. He claimed that the state has never been this divided since the start of Nigeria’s democratic system.

He blamed the development on the APC for polarising the state and dividing its people.