‘Expect me to cheat if you accept UK PhD scholarship offer’ – Husband tells wife of 7 years

A confused lady has confided in popular relationship counsellor, David Papa Bondze-Mbir as she shared a pressing issue bothering her.

Narrating what is bothering her, she indicated that she had her Masters Degree before marrying her husband and they all agreed that she’ll pursue her PhD after they have two children.

Fast-forward, they now have two adorable children and the woman has been given a full scholarship to pursue her PhD course in the UK but the man said she should not go.

According to her, the husband’s excuse is that he is also having a Masters Degree and he’s doing fine so he doesn’t understand why the woman would love to further while he has not.

At the moment, the woman’s mother and mother-inlaw have pledged their support to take care of the kids while she’s away.

However, her insensitive and insecure husband is now threatening that should she leave to pursue her education, he’ll have no choice than to cheat on her.

Read her post below;

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2 thoughts on “‘Expect me to cheat if you accept UK PhD scholarship offer’ – Husband tells wife of 7 years

  1. I believe the woman made a fundamental mistake by reporting the issue to the media. This is internal family issue that should be reconciled internally and amicably by family members, coming to the media is an attempt to blackmail the husband. Now here the reporter called her husband insensitive and insecure. Must the woman do her PhD in the UK, why not in their country of residence? The man is not feeling insensitive, but knows his kind of wife, as shown by her insensitive to the probable consequences of this media report. If this family must continue to exist, this issue must be handled with utmost care.

  2. I wish to say that the husband in question is jealous and do not have his immediate family’s interest at heart. He should encourage his wife to pursue and achieve her dreams. If he insists, the wife should follow her heart.

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