FCTA to prosecute owners of 149 impounded vehicles, 100 tricycles, motorcycles 

The Federal Capital Territory Administrator (FCTA) has decided to prosecute owners of impounded vehicles, 100 tricycles including motorcycles.

The Director, Dr Abdulateef Bello, FCTA Road Traffic services, stated this on Friday the 22nd of September. 

He declared that those charged will pay heavily for their crime.

In the interview, he clearly stated the misdeeds of these individuals, which included: Parking in unauthorized areas, driving against traffic and operating unregistered and unpainted taxis as well as illegal motor parks.

He also said, “I always advise that it is cheaper to be on the side of the law to obey simple rules and regulations.

“We have asked commercial motorists to register and operate within the defined routes and motor parks and not to pick indiscriminately from the road corridors.

“We have also told the tricycle operators to operate within the confines of the road plan, already agreed upon.

“They are not supposed to come into the city. They are supposed to transport people that are going into estates and towards suburbs of the city,” he said.

He ended by saying that the traffic regulations have been reviewed, and fines will equally be reviewed upward.