FG Locked down Lagos & Abuja so they can install 5G, it’s Deception – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Claims (video)

The founder and Senior Pastor of the Christ Embassy church, aka Love World Ministries, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has alleged that the Federal government placed a lockdown on Lagos and Abuja so as to install the controversial 5G network.

The clergyman said this while preaching in his church on Sunday April 5. He opined that what has killed so many people in Wuhan, China is not Coronavirus as has been reported but rather it is the 5G network installed there. He challenged anyone with a different opinion to come forward.

On social distancing. Oyakhilome said it is a ploy by the government to keep people indoors so they do not protest the installation of 5G network in Nigeria.

Watch the video below

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2 thoughts on “FG Locked down Lagos & Abuja so they can install 5G, it’s Deception – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Claims (video)

  1. How are the mighty fallen? Americans are dying here…at places where the 5G signals are not active. These Pastors should shut up about things they don’t know and concentrate on preaching the word of God they claim to know. Corona virus is real and killing folks in their thousands already.

  2. Expressiveinfo.com, Pastor Chris is a global leader and he speaks with global enlightenment, pastor didn’t talk about closing of Nigerian cities alone, infact the videos he showed while teaching about the global siege were not Nigerian people, stop misinterpreting pastor Chris teaching, lastly pastor Chris is not afraid of any government of the world, because he is a Doctor of science, he don’t just say anything, he always give research base proves to backup whatever he say, you guys should not just be about spreading news but communicate the right information without adding salt and maggi

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