Former Barcelona’s Keeper pens down emotional letter to casillas

Former Barcelona’s Keeper, Víctor Valdés Arribas has penned down an emotional letter to Iker Casillas, asking him to retire for his health’s sake.

Iker Casillas, 37, suffered a heart attack during training session with his club side, Porto.

Read Valdés’ letter below.

“Dear Iker, dear friend.

In the world of soccer, some choose to be a goalkeeper while others have to learn with all of their defects and virtues.

You are and always will be one of those who was born with a glove on either hand. The idol that has these inate qualities that the rest of us have to reach for. An idol that the other less capable focus on, dreaming that one day they can lift, like you, the trophy that recognises you as the best, our world champion with the number one on his back.

You are, and forever will be the motivational force that those between the posts dream to be, someone able to flying higher and for longer than all of us together at once. Turning the unthinkable into reality. Executing every action close to our reach, with this magnificent save. Saves that only you can do on chosen ground for the chosen few or those touched with the ‘magic wand’.

My friend, it is inevitable to get emotional writing these lines remembering what I lived, admiring with a certain nostalgia those great battles with you in front of me that made me value everything much more, and without you knowing it and for what you gave me in each training session. A whole country acclaimed you.

Dear Iker, dear friend,

As goalkeepers, we accept without fear and with the values through which we identify ourselves, the danger that life decides to bring close to our areas and on this occasion it’s more than one simple save. Your heart, that continues beating for the sake of those who dream of reaching what you once were, as a friend and as a rival in times gone by, I encourage you to be that white lion once again but this time on the sideline.
It is your legacy that defines you, and this is already history.

Always in my thoughts, from keeper to keeper.