”Fulani assassins currently in front of my house” Nnamdi Kanu raises alarm

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has raised alarm that a suspicious white Toyota Hilus was spotted loitering in from of his home, at his hometown in Abia State.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

The Fulani assassins in a white Toyota Hilux loitering in front of my house in Isiama-Afaraukwu tonight better retrace their steps. Whoever sent them will be exposed and held accountable. The Efulefus that invited them on this dark day are in for one almighty shock.

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20 thoughts on “”Fulani assassins currently in front of my house” Nnamdi Kanu raises alarm

  1. Mr kanu, you said Fulani assassins with a white Toyota car, and you are in abroad making mouth, I no you are a stupid man. Fool, instead of you to units the eastern part of Nigeria before you think of next step to take

    1. That man called Nnamdi deserve some honour and respect if for nothing but for his doggedness to exposed to the world that Nigeria has suddenly turned zoo. He is correct. From termites in asorock to Python to gorilla! Can any single zoo in Africa parade mor animals in operations than Nigeria as a nation?

    2. Sorry, Mr. Agbonaye. Anybody who hate what MAZI NNAMDI KANU is doing, is a worst enemy to Nigeria citizenry and development. And such a person must be mad and must go for idiotic test. Thanks to God that only the meaningless people are against Biafra. Thanks to God that Biafra must stand and shall soon become a nation and also a world power. Nigeria as a Nation is fantastically corrupted. Agbonaye, you are not informed and you hate lgbos. But it does not matter whether you like Biafrans or hate them, Biafra shall be called Biafra Nation, that is the will of God Almighty. So sit down and watch Biafra become one of world powers. Shame to Biafra’s enemies. Who can stop Biafra becoming a nation ? Nobody. When God is with Biafra who can be against Biafra. Nobody. I’m sorry , it not up you to decide. Madman like you.

      1. Mumu welther you like or not this is one Nigeria IPOB can not actualised in Nigeria. Ojukwu the father of them all didn’t achieve it . audinary Kanu that saw a war and ran said he can do it.

    3. Ehis,you lack control and from the look of things you are very sentimental and tribal to call Mazi Nnamdi Kalu a foolish man. Mazi Nnamdi Kalu is championing a course for his people which the international body is aware of. What’s your concern if you don’t like his ideas, of course you are not an Igbo man.

      1. Some comments are made by some fools out of jealousy. KANU is doing what many had not and will never do. At least,he has the attention of International communities. So why worry about local champions here who are suffering and smiling?

    4. You are one of the problems in Nigeria.also part of the reason why we want freedom from you people. Why the insult or did your group send them..
      Well I have news for you “whom God has blessed no man can curse”.. Both the people they sent and then senders will fail..and I tell you it is a strong prophesy..”the living God has risen for us to save us”

    5. You dont call a man who is on just course of pursuit a fool …know you not that the world has far gone beyond analogue system of governance . But now digital tech. Information is at the hands of the intellectuals.Nano technology satelite can be in ones pocket and by divine super knowledge which is available to very few predestined leaders and people to gather and dispense information.for this reason there is nothing hidden under the sun .every one all over the world must applied wisdon ..both the ruled and rulers

  2. Agbonaye or whatever you called yourself, let me quote you: “I no(sic) you are…”. ” Instead of you to units(sic) eastern part…”. Please stop exposing your ignoramus in medium like this because you’re talking to exceptional group of people (IPOB) that are intellectually bombarded.
    As for you, eeeehm, Badru or what? Listen to your balderdash: ” welther (Sic)….”. , Audinary (Sic) war….” . I will only reply two of when I am convinced that you’re better informed

  3. Ehis I will tell you this directly, you are a frog, awo. What is your business in Biafra coming or not, we said we are tired of Nigeria because of their ills on us the eastheners and you want to force us to sit back and embrace all this hardship and marginalization going on in the east. May you and your family, your children, both born and unborn, dead or alive family members suffer poverty, hardship, sickness of all type and no body to care for them. Idiot like you, you will never know peace. Biafra must come and not even una zoo president can stop us.

    1. I get confused some of you saying you are tired of Nigeria when the serious minded ones are building mansions all over Nigeria. The day I watched the humiliation meted on the former deputy Senate President I changed my perception about IpoB no tribe in Nigeria has ever done to their leader no matter how bad is that leader. Today let every body agreed that Igbo should be President of Nigeria the same peoples will scatter it for personal interest every body wants to be leader.

      1. Where you like it or not, what shall be shall surely come to pass. God’s will concerning Nigeria shall soon come to pass. Just wait and see the Almighty God intervene in Nigeria. The new Nigeria shall come and every body will enjoy absolute peace and freedom never experienced before. Jehovah God is in control of Nigeria. The anarchy we are presently experiencing shall soon disappear to usher in a lasting period of absolute tranquillity and progress in Nigeria.

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