Garba Shehu fires back at Reno Omokri over $20k bet on security under Buhari’s Govt

Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu has fired back at former presidential aide, Reno Omokri over $20,000 bet to proof that Nigeria is safer under the current government.

Omokri had challenged Garba to spend a night without security in Koshobe or Kware after he claimed that Nigeria is safer now. He vowed to give Garba $20,000 if he accepts the challenge.

Reno Omokri also brought in media personality Dele Momodu to be the umpire. So, Momodu also challenged Garba Shehu to accept the challenge.

However reacting to this, Garba Shehu alleged that the money Omokri attached to the challenge came from collections made in the name of Leah Sharibu, who he described as the unfortunate Christian girl still held hostage by Boko Haram.

Reno Omokri fired back and challenged those in the present administration to come up with proof of him making money off Leah Sharibu. He also asked Garba Shehu to focus on the issue at hand and take up the challenges.