“Give dad the death penalty” Two sisters call for their father to be executed after he molested kids

Two Florida sisters are calling for the execution of their own father after they found out he molested 24 kids, including a 4-year-old.

Ana and Yaneiry Albarran said their father Davie Albarran, 51, was their best friend. but they now want him first to rot in prison for 20 years before being executed under a new law signed by the state’s governor Ron DeSantis.

Ana, 33, said: “I want the death penalty. He should get the worst punishment possible, the worst there is. He deserves 20 years in jail and then to die in there. Whatever they can do to him – because he has caused so much pain to so many people.”

Yaneiry, 30, agreed, saying: “It will be an honor for him to know that we are the reason for him to leave the earth. We want him to know we are his karma.

“And we’re going to confront him in court, look him in the eye. I want to see that man in his little orange jumpsuit and for him to know we put him there.

“He has traumatized generations of women. The trauma he has left behind is still visible on their faces. He deserves to pay for every single one of the victims he has hurt.”

 The sisters said there are now 24 alleged victims who were between the ages of four and 16 when they claim they were seriously sexually assaulted by Albarran over the past 20 years. Several were allegedly raped, including a four-year-old.

The sisters filmed a celebration video with other family members after they found out he had been caught on Monday.

The sisters had carried out extensive detective work to help capture their father. They nearly caught their fugitive father four times themselves while he was on the run for 15 months.

The courageous Albarran sisters used social media and foot-slogging detective work, which included multiple stakeouts of premises where they believed their father was hiding. They allege they were battling against other members of their large extended family they claim helped their father evade capture.

The sisters physically checked out more than 40 motels and various private residences where they believed their father could be holed up during the 451 days he was on the run.

At one point, they narrowed down their search to the Friendly Village Inn Motel between Kissimmee and St Cloud, Florida, where they say they saw other estranged family members bringing the alleged pedophile food while he was living there.

They tipped off the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, but Albarran had slipped away by the time officers reached the rundown business by the side of a busy highway.

The sisters also say they tracked him to a former girlfriend’s house and to another home owned by an innocent woman who had no idea that he was on the run while living there between July and October last year.

They also revealed the huge personal toll the traumatic manhunt has taken, including Ana suffering a near breakdown, her marriage to husband Erick reaching breaking point and becoming so depressed she was incapable of even brushing her teeth.

Eventually, Sheriff’s deputies captured the runaway father hiding out in a shed around midnight on Sunday at the newly-purchased home of his 41-year-old sister Madeline Albarran in a rural part of Lakeland, Florida. Davie Albarran’s capture was thanks to a crucial piece of detective work and information by Ana, 33.

Albarran is accused of sexual battery plus lewd and lascivious conduct and child abuse.

While fleeing from authorities, the building contractor Albarran moved in with sister Madeline and her husband Rolon Nunez, 38, after they bought their $245,000 home three months ago. Neighbors say they have seen children living there.