“Go back to your country!” – Ghanaian wig sellers disrupt wig fair organized by a Nigerian

There was pandemonium at a wig fair organized by a Nigerian wig vendor in Accra, Ghana, on Monday, May 1st.

It was gathered that the Nigerian wig seller, identified asPriceless Hairs, hosted a wig fair for her Ghanaian customers and gave them a massive price slash.

This, however, didn’t sit well with some wig sellers in Ghana, known as ‘Makola market women’, who stormed the venue to disrupt the sales.

A video making rounds on social media shows the Ghanaian wig sellers causing commotion at the wig fair, which they eventually stopped from taking place.

The angry vendors also pasted several posters at the venue, ordering the Nigerian seller to leave Ghana and go back to her country to host a fair.

The posters read “Enough is enough”, “Go back to your country”, “Ghanaians are taken for granted”, “You aren’t welcome”, “You can’t crash Ghana”, “You can’t overshadow us”, etc.

According to Gharticles, they stopped her from selling due to her heavily discounted prices which would affect their own sales.