Gov Ortom endorses Peter Obi, says LP candidate can deliver Nigeria

Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has said Obi is the best person that can help deliver Nigeria from its current challenges.

He made the comment while commending Obi who visited camps of the Internally Displaced Persons in the state on Christmas day.

Ortom said if he was not in the Peoples Democratic Party, he would have been following Obi around to canvass and vote for him.

Speaking in Makurdi, the governor prayed that God would bless Obi’s presidential ambition.

“Several presidential candidates have come here, and none of them have chosen to visit those the IDPs camps and look at their plight to see how they are doing and give them hope that when they win, they will bring them succour, help, and hope.

“For you to have chosen to visit the IDPs on a Christmas day that you should be celebrating with your family, for me as a Christian, I say God will bless you and your aspirations. My prayer is that God will bless your aspiration to be the president of this country.

“Because I have seen capacity, faith, and hope, and I have seen someone who can bring the required equity, justice, and fairness that I have been pursuing since I became governor in 2015. If I were not in PDP, I would have been following you all over the place to canvass and vote for you.

“But, because I’m in PDP, I’m telling Nigerians that this man can help deliver this country from its challenges.”

Obi had visited the Abagana IDP camp located along Makurdi/Laafia road, and regretted the continuous stay of Nigerians in IDP camps across the country.

The former governor of Anambra State also donated N3m to the IDPs saying, “I decided that today, I will be in Kogi and Benue to celebrate with people in IDP camps. Nigerians should not be living in camps in their country.

“So I am appealing to the Federal Government, whatever it takes to ensure Nigerians don’t live as refugees in their country must be done.

“I assure you that the next government, as we progress, will ensure that this does not continue. Today, we are here just to tell you to remain faithful, remain prayerful, and keep all your hope in God.

“What you are passing through is what Nigeria is passing through. What affects you affects everyone in Nigeria. We cannot say we are doing well when you are here.

“As long as you remain here, Nigeria is not doing well. It is when you leave and you are in your homes, farming and doing what you are supposed to do to help Nigeria become productive that we will be proud to say we are Nigerians.

“As long as you remain in IDP camp, Nigeria is in IDP camp.

“So I have come here to celebrate with you. I am pained that Nigerians are in camp.

“You are in camp and we are also in camp because if you were in your homes today, I would have been in my home but since you are here, we can’t continue to celebrate and that is why I said Nigeria is in camp. This is what we portray as a country.”