Governance has not been about results but about the politicians – Oby Ezekwesili

The former federal minister of Nigeria and Presidential candidate of ACPN, Oby Ezekwesili has promised that Nigerians are going to get a candid leader when she emerge President of the country. She said many a time, leaders say one thing and do another which is unlike her.

When Oby was asked in a recent interview what differentiates her from other presidential candidates, she said:

The number one reason is that they are going to get a leader who is very candid, not a leader who is going to tell them one thing and do another. They will get a leader who leads by values and is a problem solver. I don’t navel-gaze at problems. They will get a leader who is prepared to pay the political cost for delivering results.Governance has not been about results. It’s been about the politicians…  I connect and I’m connected to the people and their problems. The one thing that people say is that ‘what does she know about politics?’ Well I may not know much about politics but I know everything about caring for people…
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