He needs to be arrested – Kenyans Angrily react to video of lawyer brutally beating up girlfriend

A trending video showing a man repeatedly attacking his girlfriend in front of his male friend has sparked outrage among Kenyans on social media, with majority of them pushing for his arrest.

A video shared by human rights activist, Alvin Ang’ienda, shows a man with dreadlocks, identified as lawyer Raymond Nduga, repeatedly punching a woman sitting across from him.

See the video below.

As his anger escalates, his girlfriend, called Dorris Everlyne Tado, tries to calm the situation, but he punches her again, this time backhanding her while screaming. “Get out of here! Get out of here!”

The woman kept saying, “I was jealous.” I was jealous,” but the man slapped her again and repeated, “Get out of here!” I’m done.”

However, it is not clear when the incident occurred or what caused it. However, Kenyans harshly criticized the man on Facebook and X and demanded for his arrest.

In lawyer Maxwell wafula’s statement he said, “That guy is a lawyer? I’m disappointed. I thought lawyers were supposed to untangle messes, not jump into the spaghetti bowl. You ever beat my sister like that, I’ll show up for a friendly conversation you won’t forget!”

A lady referred to as Pauline Njoroge also made a statement saying’“Raymond Nduga cannot sleep in his house today, he must be arrested!!!! What justifies you as a man to beat a vulnerable woman, Doris Tado, then post it on Facebook and brag saying you are untouchable?”

Abuga Makori also wrote’“Nobody should beat a partner in this age and era. Watched that video of Raymond Nduga with emotions. Kenyans should boycott his business (if any), call for his arrest and prosecution. This is unwarranted.

Other reactions from kenya’s on X and Facebook: