How a Lawyer was wrongfully accused of kidnapping boy after going to inspect a house

A lawyer found herself under attack from enraged locals who falsely accused her of being a kidnapper while she was on a house inspection visit in Lagos.

Uduak Adams, the lawyer in question, recounted the terrifying incident that unfolded on September 16, 2023, on Aborisade Street in the Surulere area of Lagos State. She disclosed that she had gone to the area to assess a house she intended to rent and had asked a young boy for directions.

To her astonishment, a short while after she left the spot where she had a brief conversation with the boy, his mother confronted her and accused her of kidnapping him from their premises.

The woman’s loud accusations quickly drew a crowd who turned hostile towards Adams.

“Immediately, people gathered. They carried planks, and sticks, dragged me, and didn’t give me a chance to explain. They dragged me and started beating me,” Adams recounted to Punch.

She continued, “The crowd brought tyres and wanted to burn me. They told me that I was going to die, that even the police and Army could not save me. They said they were about to kill me and I should start saying my last prayers.”

Adams narrated that as the beating persisted, the boy returned to the scene and clarified that he and his friends had merely assisted her in finding the house and had subsequently left her to play football. At this point, the crowd began to disperse, and the mother started pleading for mercy.

Officers from the Itire Police Division swiftly caught many of the attackers, including the boy’s mother.

Bisi Makanjuola, Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Lagos State chapter, issued a statement, saying, “The NBA Lagos is looking at the case and we will do all that we can to ensure that she gets justice and that she is rehabilitated.”