How Businesswoman, Judith Omonua, died after lock down delayed her surgery

A Young Nigerian businesswoman has died from heart problems after a surgery which was supposed to be done on her was delayed due to the lockdown order.

Her sister took to InstaStories to reveal that she was supposed to undergo a heart pace maker surgery abroad but due to the lockdown, she couldn’t travel for the surgery.

24-year-old Judith was the founder of the brand Ghunu Effect. She kept working and responding to clients’ requests even from her sick bed. As a result, her death on Monday, April 27, came as a shock to satisfied clients who had no idea that she was ill because it didn’t reflect in her work ethics.

Instagram and Twitter users have mourned her while posting tributes.

Below is a statement from her sister explaining how she died.

“A lot of people have been asking “what happened to Gbunu” I’ll explain… She battled with a heart condition which led to heart failure for 3yrs. She fought and she was positive that she could beat the condition. It only got wore and she was confined to a wheelchair.

“She was constantly in pains from the numerous drips and injections and often times she had to be put on oxygen because she couldn’t breathe on her own. She was given hope when we were told that she could get an implant (heart peace maker surgery) done to ease the strain on her heart but that had to be after the lockdown.

“The end of the lockdown never came for Gbunu. Gbunu started to hint of how tired she was of the constant pain.”

Continue in the screenshot below…

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