How do you feel when someone congratulates your partner while complimenting you? See responses

Media personality Kiki Mordi took to Twitter to ask women how they feel when someone congratulates their partner while complimenting them.

It is very common in our society to see someone who will tell you, ‘Your husband is trying o’ or ‘Your boyfriend is taking good care of you’ when they see you glowing. Sometimes the compliment goes to both genders as men also see people praise their wives or girlfriends when they glow.

However, the feeling sometimes may not be pleasant to the recipient. So, Kiki Mordi is asking women how they truly feel when they receive such compliments.

She wrote: “Ladies, how do you feel when someone tries to compliment you by congratulating your boyfriend/husband? If you get what I mean…. They want to say you look good but instead the “hail” your man. Answer honestly there’s genuinely no wrong answer.

“There’s so many in-betweens from feeling good to bad. There’s also feeling nothing. I just want to know how YOU felt! Not how you think other women should feel, or what he meant/what you think he meant. Or how a book told you to feel. Just you.
Also I’m talking (sic) to LADIES guys.”

The conversations that followed are very interesting. See some of the replies that followed below.

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