How Israeli couple were able to save their twin babies before being killed

Two young Israeli couple were murdered by Hamas terrorists in their home in Israel after they did their best to save their 10-month-old twin babies from the same tragic fate by hiding them in a hidden refuge.

Itay and Hadar Berdichevsky, both 30, quickly responded when they heard the gunmen trying to break down their front door.

The frightened parents hurriedly bundled their two babies into a hidden refuge moments before the Hamas terrorists broke into their home, the Israeli ambassador to Colombia Gali Dagan disclosed.

Itay and Hadar ‘bravely fought’ the gunmen before they were shot and slain during their attack on Israel, which has left more than 700 Israelis dead.

Fortunately, their two babies were found and saved by Israeli soldiers after being left alone for more than 12 hours, Dagan said, hailing the couple as ‘heroes’ who did ‘everything they could to save their children’.

‘They hid their 10-month-old twin children in the shelter while terrorists infiltrated their home,’ Dagan wrote on Twitter. ‘Itay and Hadar were brutally murdered after bravely fighting the terrorists.

“The babies were left alone for more than 12 hours until they were rescued. Imagine the horror. Two terrified parents doing everything they can to save their children, who are now orphaned. Blessed be the memory of these heroes.”

Itay and Hadar were now among the more than 700 Israelis who have been killed by Hamas terrorists after the gunmen embarked on a surprise attack on Israel at the weekend.