How two pit bulls rescued their owner from car thieves

Four armed men attacked a man smoking cigarettes in his car park. They attacked him urging him to give them his car key that they wanted to take his car.He was terrified and ask them to follow him inside so he could give them his car keys.They followed him inside unknowingly to them, he had two grown up pit bulls in his apparent.

The moment they entered the man’s house,they saw two  80-pound   pit  bulls  which attacked them immediately in other to save their owner from these armed robbers.

Dogs are indeed peculiar creatures and life savers.

After the incident the man narrates how the attack happened;

“The other night, I was sitting in my garage smoking a cigarette. Horrible habit, I know. 4 young men rushed me, decided they wanted my car, beat me up, and wanted my keys. I told them the keys were in the house.

They decided to go in. What they weren’t expecting were my 2 80lb Pit Bulls. They are sweethearts and the kindest dogs you’ll ever know, but protect their home and owner with finesse. My beautiful babies charged these assholes and stood over me as I laid on the floor of my garage, forever protecting me. They are rescues. Unwanted dogs. They saved my life. You can consider adopting a rescue. They might save your life too”.