husband fined N20million for sending inappropriate message to wife

A man in Abu Dhabi has got himself into trouble for sending his wife an inappropriate message on WhatsApp.

The man has been fined Dh 250,000 (over 20 million Naira) by an Abu Dhabi court for sending indecent pictures to his wife on her WhatsApp, Emirat Al Youm reported.

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance imposed the huge penalty on the man after all attempts to solve the case in an amicable way between the couple failed.

The husband challenged the ruling in the appeal court, saying that he cannot pay the fine due to his low income, outstanding debts and poor health condition.

He pointed out that his wife, who is a GCC national, filed the case against him after he married another woman. He also claimed that she used his phone when he was sleeping, sent the pictures to herself and then deleted them from his phone so he doesn’t know about it.

The husband asked the court to show clemency and cancel the fine, for the future of his children.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal has adjourned the case to April 24.