I can’t date a TikTok influencer without an international passport, says Tolanibaj

Tanibaj, former BBN housemate has announced the kind of man she cannot date.

She announced that she could not date a man without an international passport.

Tolanibaj also declared that she doesn’t want a man who dances on social media. She said it’s even more vexing when a guy does dance challenges on the video-sharing app TikTok.

During her recently released podcast, Bahd and Boujee, with co-host and Video Jockey, Moet Abebe, the Disc Jockey expressed her preference.

When Moet asked if she could make a peculiarity for a TikTok influencer, she declared she would never be with a social media influencer.

Tolanibaj also stated that she is spontaneous and wants a partner who can take her to luxurious spots all over the world without incident.

She said: “I can’t be with a man without an international passport. I like guys who are codedly rich and do not like attention. I can’t be with a TikTok influencer.”