I shake my head when I see older women waiting for men to come & marry them – Activist Aisha Yesufu

Activist Aisha Yesufu has charged older women to stop waiting for men to come and asked their hands in marriage but should go ahead and get themselves some young men that they like.

Aisha who was reacting to a loved up photos of an older woman who recently got married to a much younger man, expressed disappointment at older women who don’t take advantage of similar opportunities by making their moves.

Aisha tweeted; 

“When I see women my age who say they are waiting for men to come ask for their hands in marriage I shake my head. Go & find yourself some young man and ask for his hands in marriage. Buy his groom things and even throw in a cute car! Ask him to memorise a surah as your dowry!”

She continued: “I see many concerned about the young man cheating. What about all the men with younger wives who are cheating on their wives? Cheating has nothing to do with age.

Some are saying the ladies would be buying husbands. Before nko? What is money meant for? Hustle and get yourself some real dough and increase your choices. You like him, go for him!

Some are saying the man is marrying for money. Ehen?! It is alllowed! Make each other happy!

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